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I see you. I hear you. Mostly I want to guide you into your self-healing journey so you can stop doubting yourself, feel connected to your purpose, own your confidence and take action on your dreams.

Let’s bust through the barriers that are keeping you from serving the world and rising up in your own way.

Are you ready to say “YES, I am ready to take action now!” ?

Purpose Activation Session ~ FREE

Purpose “Activation” sessions are a very powerful way to gain clarity about what you are meant to be doing in your life and career to heal what’s holding you back so you can activate and claim your unique spiritual gifts, manage your energy and trust your divine guidance.  

Complimentary 45 minute session ~ $497 value!

Quantum Leap Your Life

An inner journey beyond fear & self-doubt to an abundant life of purpose & passion. This program is a deep dive to tap into your uniqueness letting go what has stopped you from creating a life based on the purpose your heart and soul have been leading you into.

Private 1 on 1 Coaching with Valerie

School of Wisdom

For down to earth spiritual women! Are you ready to:

  • Explore what you are meant to be doing in your life & career?
  • Heal what is holding you back?
  • Claim your unique spiritual gifts?
  • Trust your divine guidance?
  • Learn a powerful energy healing system that you can make your own?

Year Long Group Program, accepting applications

Ancestral Healing

A shamanic constellation works as a bridge to the ancestral spirits of your family tree bringing healing to your lineage for at least 7 generations back and 7 going forward. Powerful and transformative will have you heal and release what you’ve been carrying from your ancestors.

3 session package

$697 investment

Akashic Record Reading

Get direction & clarity today! You will come away feeling alive and more connected to your essence than ever before. When you are at a crossroads in your life, this session provides you with clarity, confirmation and healing.

60 minute session

$497 investment

See what others are saying...

I met Valerie through a woman whose opinion I respect very much. It’s hard to know beforehand if a therapist, coach or guide is going to be able to help us without knowing them personally, but during the first conversation we had, I simply knew through the energy that flowed in our exchange.

Valerie and I had a short phone conversation where together we determined that the best thing for me at the time was to do a 4-hour intensive session which we eventually split into 2 parts on a Saturday and the following Tuesday. Through her questions and deep analysis, Valerie led me through a series of thoughts and ideas, relating to my life, my current reality, and my emotional obstacles. I couldn’t be more grateful!

With Valerie I was able to break some of my blocks on a couple of topics where I was stuck in my mind, so much so that I couldn’t sleep or think clearly. Valerie went beyond immersing herself in my story, she helped me see the situation form a new perspective which helped me understand how what I was doing hurt me and my loved ones; how I was self-boycotting; and how to do to identify these thoughts and transform them into something positive. I was able to understand the way in which things I had not considered in the past were impacting my present life and how it was hurting my most important relationships. I was able to see how I had not been considering many aspects of some important situations in my life.

I know now something else happened during those coaching sessions: a big “energy stone” moved out of my way. Valerie’s perception and acuity allowed her to understand me not only through what I was sharing with her but also for what she felt and intuited. I will be forever grateful to Valerie for the powerful and deep healing I received, and for helping me open a door inside me, understand better what happens to me and start a new stage of my life now seeing more clearly.

Marina Wollmann

Communications & PR Professional