• Fully Embody Your Life’s Sacred Purpose
  • Activate & Claim Your Unique Spiritual Gifts
  • Know the Next Steps in Your Life & Career

  • Fully Embody Your Life’s Sacred Purpose
  • Activate & Claim Your Unique Spiritual Gifts
  • Know the Next Steps in Your Life & Career

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Meditation

Download this FREE meditation.This is a gift from YOUR Spirit Guides directly for YOU through me. 

Calm your mind, connect to your inner dimension, and channel the love and strength that is your birthright as you open up to connect with YOUR Spirit Guides.


As a down to Earth spiritual woman, you are being called to rise up and connect with the deepest, most sacred part of your soul, purpose and mission.

When you embrace and trust your spiritual gifts, you can tap into your courage, joy and love and know exactly what steps to take in your life and career.

Everything you’ve done before has been readying you for this time, this day, this moment.

It is time for the breakthrough you’ve been craving… and you don’t have to do it alone!

Work With Shakti

Pink Ray Transmission by Deva Shakti

White Ray of Ascension

Live Transmission

Join us on a new and exciting journey of the Sacred Rays of Ascension. This time to receive one of the most powerful activations with the White Ray. This Ray will support you in gaining clarity to claim your soulful path.Join Deva Shakti Bottazzi LIVE during March 2023.

Step Through the Portal

Equinox & New Zodiac Year

Join us in this Fire Ceremony. As we step through the Equinox and the New Moon in Aries and we start a new Zodiac Year we are being gifted an opportunity for a reset. Leave behind what’s holding you back and intention your new co-creation. Rejoice and enjoy. You were with us as WE ARE ONE.


Sacred Rays of Ascension Master Series By Shakti

Ascension Sacred Rays

Master Series

This series will support you in moving through the ascension of the Earth by attuning your physical and luminous bodies with the harmony of divine love and light just like a skilled luthier tunes an instrument.

See what others are saying...

In just 6 sessions with Valerie I managed to heal from trauma of abuse that had happened in my childhood. I attended one of Valerie’s workshop and it was during a healing exercise that I was able to see it clearly for the first time.

Claudia Nunia
Chemical Engineer/Business Advisor & Astrologer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Profound, emotionally extraordinary, exalted compassion! This is how I would attempt to convey a session with Valerie – which I had decided to because I was at a threshold moment in my life.

Not only was Valerie extraordinary in her ability to hone into my family lines and specific energies that were present, but her space-holding was anchored in safety and palpable love.

The healing that occurred – indeed, and is still occurring – touched the deepest places of my soul, and I could feel it caressing the lineage lines across time and space as it worked to repair ruptures and wounds. Thank you so much for this sublime experience!

Diomira Rose D’Agostino
Keeper of New Avalon

I would highly recommend Valerie and the School of Wisdom as, not only did they help heal my past traumas and shadows, they helped me realise my true soul's purpose and that I could achieve my true destiny as a powerful healer myself! I have come so far. I have opened up to the most magical spiritual gifts I could only ever have dreamed off! The magic is real within the School Of Wisdom, I feel I am living proof of that

Laura Hendren
Scotland, UK

Spiritual Teacher Deva Shakti teaches you to Live your Purpose NOW!

Shakti’s life’s work acts as a catalyst for client’s life transforming experiences as she coaches and inspires them to create a lifestyle and business based on their soulful purpose making a big difference in the world.

She has a track record of success in the corporate world and as a 3 times entrepreneur, Shakti is also a published best-selling author and Fulbright Scholar.

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