My life’s journey has been an alchemical transformation bringing love out of pain and healing out of trauma.

The underlying current has been a process of reclaiming my uniqueness, remembering who I am while incorporating an executive manager side with my shamanic healer skills.

My name is Shakti. I am a woman who has had the courage to leap into her soul’s calling blending the cultures within me (Argentine, Italian, American) as I discovered who I wanted to be. I am an honest deeply transparent woman, lover, mom of 2 man-boys, heart centered entrepreneur, life coach, courageous, fearful and fearless, creative, colourful soul in a human body. All of these words describe me partially; they are a label for a small part of the complex begin I am… just like you.

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Coach

Change is the only constant.

I can easily say my life’s journey has been an alchemical transformation bringing love out of pain and healing out of trauma. My path into soulful love has been deep, painful, surprising, colorful, magical and LOVING.

On February 22, 1996, I lost my dad to cancer after 7 months of suffering. During his months of illness, he and I received a blessing in disguise. As I took care of him we had the time to heal a big piece of our father-daughter karma. There was one part, however, that I was destined to take into my life and destroy myself into pieces like Humpty Dumpty. My dad had been a chronic cheater in love. As a good handsome old-time Italian man, he had been raised with the belief that having occasional lovers was okay as long as you “took care of your wife and family”. It is easy to understand that in his cheating he was seeking to fill a deep void of unworthiness within him.

A long journey into healing…

I am the youngest of 4 siblings, three women and 1 man. Ironically, we reversed the paradigm. Us women we were given the directive “cheat before you are cheated onto” and as a man, my brother was given the mandate “you will be cheated upon”. Crazy isn’t it?

Since I was a teenager I gave it my all to succeed at whatever endeavor I pursued. I thought I was being inspired by my soul and passion, but I was thoroughly misled by my belief that I wasn’t worth it… Except this belief was buried deep within my subconscious and manipulating my desires in a robotic manner unbeknownst to me. Without realizing its hidden power I set out into life to be the best at everything I did, getting straight “A”’s in education, winning at sports activities, but I always needing to reach for more since the gaping whole of my worthiness could never be fulfilled. Only true awareness would one day heal the wound of perceived unworthiness.

This was a long journey into healing, forgiving, understanding, transforming and transmuting and I went through all of these phases. I was able to put my pieces together again, healing from trauma and bringing healing for my whole lineage thanks to this.

I married young… The first time!

I met my first husband soon after my dad passed away, on my 22nd birthday. Yes, I know the number 22 keeps coming up! This relationship has lots of magical aspects to it, including the fact that despite our divorce after almost 7 years of marriage, we are still in touch, we love each other and we are great friends. It wasn’t simple getting here. I helped him remember sexual abuse and understand the unique gift of sexual healing that didn’t include me!

My second husband? Well, what a project that was! The biggest blessing: my two man-boys, now 20 and 23 years old. He was a master for me through his abusing and cheating, through his using me, but mostly ME ALLOWING this to happen. This deserves a whole chapter in a book, at least!

Every person and every situation that are present in my life at a certain time are here because I have called upon them.

I chose to courageously step into the destruction of my ego, into the recognition of what was my role in all this suffering, into the awareness of having called my first husband because I was standing only in my masculine and my second husband because I was broken inside.

I took the time to lick my wounds, to go out and have fun and test my femininity. I learned to embrace my inner Goddess. I dated myself. Yes. I took myself on dates and I treated myself to dates at home. I learned to LOVE MYSELF first and foremost. I learned about my own sexuality, my gifts, my power, my desires, my dreams and mostly about who I am.

It wasn’t easy to find out what were the things I liked to do and be. I had been disconnected from myself for so long I didn’t know at first how to recognize my own inner desires.

“Prince Charming” finally came along!

But I did and “prince charming” came along as a result, riding a bike instead of a horse, but hey! it didn’t matter to me, since I was also riding a bike!

I recognized him. I recognized him as my soul mate and gave him time to remember himself and myself. And magic happened. We have been together now for more than 13 years and we have not only grown into our best versions of ourselves honoring each other in love, he also became a healthy father figure for my two boys allowing me the gifts of staying in the role of mother.

The medicine woman in me!

I have combined my formal education as an Information Technology undergraduate, later with a Master in Business Administration (from University of Southern California) and my Coaching Certification with a sacred, deep and powerful holistic training and knowledge. The journey to expand into my best version next-level life is never ending.

I went from working in the corporate world as Director of Southern Europe and Middle East for a big multinational, to opening 3 entrepreneurial venues successfully.

Throughout all these years I have stepped openly into my Divine Priestess/Medicine Woman path. Today I have integrated my very left brained business aspects, my coaching and my shamanic gifts into the work I do.

I am passionate about empowering people to enhance their lives with meaning and joy by living their purpose & passion.

Living your purpose is available for you too.

I invite you to book a “Purpose Activation” Session.

During our time together you are going to get clear about what is stopping you from living a meaningful life with passion & purpose. You will walk away having activated your purposeful life & knowing the #1 action step you can take so you can start living the life you dream of NOW.

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Since I finished with Shakti’s program I feel more confident, I understand clearly what I want and where I’m going. I now know I have power over my way of behaving and thinking. I am more than grateful and I now understand the power of manifesting what your soul really desires.

Marina Jackman

Cleveland, Ohio, USA