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Sacred Rays Master Series by Shakti

Brothers & Sisters In the Awakening Path

I am excited to be offering the Rays of Ascension Master Series for these special times of rapid change and ascension of the Earth.

You may be asking yourself … 


~ What can I do to handle this unbeatable transformation better?

~ What can I do to prepare for my own ascension?

~ How can I find my purpose, the reason I am here now?

This series will support you in moving through the ascension of the Earth by attuning your physical and luminous bodies with the harmony of divine love and light just like a skilled luthier tunes an instrument.

By working with each ray of light you will be focusing on tuning your whole being to each color and sound frequency one at a time as if you were tuning a violin one “chord” at a time.

Quan Yin

The benefits of receiving the gifts of each Ray of Ascension are too many to list them all, the most noticeable are:

~ Be activated and learn how to use tools to manage rapid change and transformation

~ Expand your spiritual gifts and intuition and learn to trust them with confidence

~ Release old patterns of pain and energetics at all levels of your being

~ Be supported by a community of beautiful souls fellow travelers in your path

~ Expand your ability to be loved becoming a magnet of love

Allow yourself to receive these gifts of light and love and experience a radical shift from pain and hopelessness to empowered and joyful. Tap into your inner wisdom in a big way!

For you advanced lightworker these rays will propel you into a new level of service with abundance and ease.

Every person can benefit from these gifts of divine color and music. I invite you to explore the different Rays of Ascension as shown below.

Shakti Spiritual Teacher

Ascension Sacred Rays Masterclass

Watch this FREE Masterclass to learn and feel into each of the Sacred Rays.

As a result you will learn a basic use of the Rays and understand how the Sacred Rays Master Series can support you in deepening your spiritual journey while aligning with your soulful purpose.

You can access each Sacred Ray Activation Separately or benefit from special package pricing and get the full series!


 FULL Investment if you purchased each course separately $ 1600

Special offer instead of $1600

Invest $1399 or

2 payments of $700

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Rainbow Ray Activation by Deva Shakti Bottazzi Spiritual Teacher

Open up to embody the gift of Divine Love, the Christ Consciousness an activation for humankind

The RAINBOW RAY Activation enhances our ability to sustain the higher frequencies of the Christic Consciousness

As we are able to remain and sustain a higher frequency in our daily lives we begin to see new ways and solutions for patterns, behaviors, and desires where we hadn’t seen a way out before


~ Receiving the Rainbow Ray Activation will support your ability to connect to the highest form of Divine Love known as Christ Consciousness

~ Rainbow Light Codes are reaching us through the light of the Sun. This activation will facilitate your integration of these sacred codes.

~ The Rainbow Codes of Light are here to accelerate your ascension and conscious evolution

TAP Pattern 2022 Copyright Valerie Bottazzi LLC
White Ray of Ascension by Deva Shakti Bottazzi Spiritual Teacher

White Ray of Ascension

During the Activation of the White Ray of Ascension and Purity for Clarity and Inspiration you will…

  • Understand the co-relation between the light codes and your ascension
  • Experience bi-location journeying into multidimensional Cities of Light in the Quantum

This activation will help you remove blockages and receive clear guidance for your path.

This Ray will support you in gaining clarity to claim your soulful path.

his course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided alchemical journey.

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Pink Ray Embodiment

Are you on the path to achieve the self-realization of the Divine in YOU?

Are you ready to apply yourself to manifest  at this time to become “Love incarnate?”

Are you craving the communion of bliss and love that you feel when Divine Beings of Love and Light connect with you?

The Pink Ray is directly related to your ability to be connected to Mother Earth while fully loving your body temple.


This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided alchemical journey.

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Ascension Sacred Rays by Shakti

Violet Flame Alchemy

Become the Violet Flame as you receive an initiation directly from Saint Germaine and other ascended masters and beings of light.

15 Day Activation with 7 recorded journeys, trainings & printable handouts.  Join our exclusive community to accompany you & help you integrate your experience. Self study guided alchemical journey.

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This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided alchemical journey.

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Ascension Sacred Rays by Shakti

Golden Ray Activation

Be who you area meant to be. Live your purpose. Own your worthiness! Release old “not enoughness” paradigms. Shine bright living the most wonderful version of who you are!

10 Transmissions directly from Ascended Masters receiving wisdom healing & love from from Master Buddha, Master Kuthumi & many other beings of light.

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This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided transmission

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Yellow Ray Empowered Wisdom

Stand safely in your empowered inner Knowing on Earth at this time of rapid changes.

Receive the extra energy and light coming through the Lion’s Gate Portal and work with this portal and its potent for manifesting frequencies to:
~ BE empowered 
~ EMBODY fully & safely your soul
~ UNLOCK your inner Wisdom

This activation carries the codes of the Lion’s Gate Portal in the Quantum Field in the now moment wherever and whenever you are.


This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided transmission

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Blue Ray Expansion Master Series by Shakti

Blue Ray Expansion

Blue Ray Expansion

Align & Attune to the Blue Ray of God, Cosmic Peace and Intuitive Expansion.

Step through the 6/6/6 PORTAL of Caring Nurturing LOVE AND
~ Expand YOUR Intuition
~ Allow PEACE Into Your Life
~ Attune to the Blue Ray of God

Connect with Archangel Michael’s Blue Ray Sword & receive the love and Wisdom form Ascended Master El Morya.

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This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided transmission

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Green Ray Love & Healing by Shakti

Green Ray Love & Healing

Green Ray of Love &  Healing

Opening the Space of the Heart.


~ Release past trauma especially related to your ability to give and receive love

~ Receive the Breath of Love with Archangel Raphael 

~ Allow the Breath of Love to Guide YOU

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This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided transmission

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Threefold Flame Activation by Shakti

Three Fold Flame

In this course you will learn easy to apply practical techniques to access heightened states of awareness.
Balancing the ThreeFold Flame through this activation helps you to connect, expand, and harmonize your own heart’s flame gaining
Receiving the ThreeFold Flame Activation will support your ability to connect with your  Divinity


This course is now ready for you to experience it as a SELF STUDY guided transmission

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Ascension Sacred Rays by Shakti

Turquoise Ray of Mastery

Turquoise Ray of Mastery and Divine Communication. This is a Lemurian Ray active to support you in mastering your life’s purposeful path.

Dates to be announced.



What people say about Shakti…

I just completed the Violet flame activation with Shakti. I received an email with a photo of St Germain who I knew nothing about but something called me to sign up. I’m so glad I did. My life has shifted in so many ways. My business has come alive again, my group program has filled, meditation classes are back in full bloom. This activation course has helped me with seeing my patterns in the moment and being able to transmute them instantly. The transformation has been miraculous. I had recently (Since COVID) started feeling anxiety and overwhelm each morning and now I’m back to feeling excitement. If you want to help your life with some energetic tools this is the course for you. I am looking forward to the next course with Shakti. I believe Shakti is being guided to share with us knowledge and ways to navigate this changing world. ~ Georgia Saler Histon ~ Vitality Nutrition and Wellness Center/ Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist RDN – Owner

Since completing the Violet Flame Alchemy activation, I feel I’m finally stepping into my power. I’m experiencing many synchronicities and my life is starting to flow more beautifully. I felt an instant connection with Shakti. The way she hosts the sessions with such love and humility is very heart warming. I highly recommend this course if you’re ready to step into a better version of you! ~ Javier Afanador

I have been working with Valerie for almost 2 years now. To say that she is an awakened, connected, loving human is an understatement. She has changed my life in more ways than even she knows. Her guidance, love, and gentle way of helping you understand exactly what you need over what you want has helped me connect to myself and to others on a deep level. I can’t imagine my life before she entered it and I can’t imagine a life without her in it. Everything she does, everything she touches, every bit of her soul has been designed to help others understand and excel themselves. I am forever changed because of her! ~ Marie Hernandez

Before meeting Valerie and the sisters in The Awaken Path, I was at a loss. I had been crying out to the universe and angels asking for help to heal the wounds in which I held deep inside the unanswered questions that kept me up at night. Then one weekend my prayers had been answered when I met Valerie. To me she was the light I had been searching for, her grace and her understanding was mesmerizing. I had never felt energy like it! It was so majestic, so full of love, I cried not because I was sad but because I was overjoyed with emotions of happiness, it felt like home. I would highly recommend Valerie as not only did she help heal my past traumas and shadows, but I have come so far that I have opened up to the most magical spiritual gifts I could only ever have dreamed of! ~ Laura Hendren

Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher

Shakti Bottazzi is a modern-day medicine woman. She is a cosmic citizen carrying many different transmissions within while also a citizen of Argentina, Italy and the United States.  


Born and raised in Argentina she took her first steps into her spiritual path seeking answers during her late teenage years learning meditation and energy healing from Andean and Jesuit traditions. Later on she studied with Masters from Japan, China and India including more than a decade of Buddhism. She has had direct transmission from Curanderos from Central America and received medicine from the Navajo tradition.

Shakti started channeling ascended beings of light in 2012 and receiving direct teachings and guidance that she has incorporated to her vast repertoire of tools creating her own methods for healing and teaching. Successful in her own right she is a 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar with more than 30 years in the corporate world.

Shakti brings together her multifaceted multicultural life expression guiding people into their becoming. Those who work with her expand their gifts, learn to trust their intuition, and become deeply connected to their own soul’s work leading a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity.


Which course should I start with?
The invitation by the Ascended Masters is to start preferably with the Viole Flame Alchemy or alternatively with the Golden Ray Activation.

In the end the ultimate guidance should be your own inner knowing that will align with what you are most needing at the time.

Are these courses live or recorded?
Some of these courses have been held live and you get access to the recordings. Other courses are coming up as a LIVE course. Keep an eye on the dates as announced on this page.
Will the live courses be recorded?
Yes. All courses are recorded and in all cases you gain lifetime access to the course.