Embracing the Divine Shift

Equinox Energies & Inner Inquiry

Today we stand on the threshold of profound seasonal transformation inviting us to contemplate the eternal dance of change and growth.

There are deep metaphors for this sacred transition, the influence of Saint Michael’s energy in the Northern Hemisphere, and the contrasting renewal found in the Southern Hemisphere.

This moment marks a celestial celebration, an auspicious occasion when the natural world undergoes a profound metamorphosis. As the Northern Hemisphere embraces the shift into autumn, a tapestry of vibrant hues and gentle whispers of change sweeps across the land. Leaves cascade in a graceful descent, symbolizing the release and surrender that is inherent in spiritual evolution.

Autumn, the FALL, embodies the metaphor of letting go and shedding what no longer serves us. It mirrors our inner journey of releasing attachments and embracing the wisdom of impermanence. Through this season, we are encouraged to reflect on our own cycles of growth, acknowledging that transformation is an inherent part of our spiritual voyage.

Additionally, the presence of Saint Michael, the radiant archangel of protection and courage, stands as a beacon of strength during this transition. His energy resonates with the changing leaves and the cooling winds, reminding us to embrace our inner warrior, face challenges with valor, and stand firm in the face of adversity. As autumn unfolds, let us invoke the strength and guidance of Saint Michael to navigate this spiritual journey with grace and resilience. He gifts us with his sacred sword of the Blue Ray so you can tame your inner demons and celebrate your inner freedom!

While the Northern Hemisphere embraces the gentle descent into autumn, our beloved counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere welcome the joyous arrival of spring. Spring symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and the promise of new beginnings. It invites us to plant seeds of intention, nurture our dreams, and watch them flourish into magnificent creations.

My invitation is to take time today to celebrate this passage, and journal with the prompts I share below:

1. Autumn Reflections: Reflect on the changes you have witnessed in your own life recently. How can you embrace these changes with grace and wisdom, just as the trees gracefully shed their leaves in autumn?

2. Invoke Saint Michael’s Strength: Write a letter to Archangel Michael, expressing your intentions to harness his energy and courage during this seasonal transition. Seek his guidance on overcoming challenges and embracing your inner warrior. Is there any particular inner battle you know you are ready to tame?

3. Spring’s Blossoming Desires: Envision the seeds of desires you wish to plant within your being during this time of renewal. Describe these aspirations and how you plan to nurture and manifest them in the upcoming months.

May this season be a bountiful journey of spiritual growth, courage, and transformation. May the wisdom, love, and courage of Archangel Michael guide and protect you, and may the changing seasons fill your heart with gratitude and wonder.

In divine love and light,