Lion's Gate 8 8 2023 by Shakti

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?


In the peak of the summer from July 28th to August 12th we navigate a portal known for millennia as the Lion’s Gate.

From an astronomical scientific point, this is the time when the Sun in Leo, the “Dog Star” Sirius (our central sun), Orion’s belt (the only constellation that can be seen in both the Southern and Northern) hemispheres, and the Earth all line up to create a highly energetic time our cosmic year!

Historically, especially in Egypt, this time was revered for it also happened to be the time when the river Nile overflowed its banks bringing water for all crops to thrive, therefore, it was considered a portal of abundance, among other things.

The concept of the Lion’s Gate Portal is rooted in astrology and ancient beliefs, for example, associated with the Goddess Isis. She was known to teach the farmers how to have bountiful crops and to orchestrate the flooding and blessings of the Nile’s waters to bring abundance. The Lion and the Sun are powerful symbols within Egyptian culture, this portal is also associated with the ancient wisdom from Egypt.

What’s the significance of the Lion’s Gate Portal?

It is said that the Portal “peaks” on 8/8, which brings also the power of the number 8 multiple times, a number that numerologically is associated with infinity, abundance, and balance. The repetition of the number “8” on this date is believed to amplify the energies of the portal and open up a doorway for personal and collective growth.

On the year 2024, that adds up to 8, the Lion’s Gate Portal peaks on an 888 energetic!

The astrological sign of Leo, rules the heart chakra, therefore, this alignment can bring focus to matters of the heart, love, self-expression, and finding one’s true purpose.

It is considered a favorable time for meditation, self-reflection, and setting positive intentions for personal growth.

What “is in it for you” by tuning into this Portal’s energetics?

During this portal time, you may experience heightened intuition, intense dreams you will be able to remember including lucid dreaming and, overall, a deeper sense of connection to your higher self, your Spirit Guides and the Universe.

The Lion’s Gate portal is a time where the veil between dimensions is thinner, the Galactic Center through our Sun brings potent light codes that affect the magnetic field of the Earth and our DNA for our DNA activation, which in time leads to spiritual awakening and expanded consciousness. When we visit sacred sites in Egypt a similar phenomenon unfolds opening up our perception channels as we are being transformed by the experience.

Due to the heightened energies of the portal, you have an opportunity to bring up unresolved emotions and past traumas for healing and release. It’s an opportunity to confront and let go of emotional baggage, leading to greater emotional well-being.

This is an ideal time to align with your heart’s desires and make choices that reflect your true nature.

Finally, during these potent times, you may notice an increase in synchronicities or meaningful signs from the universe. Pay attention as these signs can provide guidance or confirmation of where you are on your path.

Since the Lion’s Gate portal is a favorable time for meditation, self-reflection, and setting positive intentions for personal growth I want to support you in doing just that!. Intentions set during this time carry a potent force especially when held within a group of high frequency within love and light.

I invite you to join me in co-creation in sacred circle in Mount Shasta for this 888 uber potent portal.

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Enjoy this vibrant time of transformation and life force!

With love,


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