Lately in all the circles and communities I move and connect I hear people saying that the past two months have been “hard” from an emotional standpoint. What made me ponder about this is that I kept hearing comments such as barely coping, mourning, in grief, longing for something, confused and taking a stand (just to name a few) from a wide spectrum of people across industries and continents!

I too have felt stretched waaaayyy beyond my already stretched un-“comfortable” zone and I have been challenged to show up at a higher level of service, clarity and performance. My way of handling this was to multiply my self-exploration time, getting more training, and surrendering to Divine guidance while wavering in between trust and fear. 

One of the many gems that showed up for me, as a result, is the absolute certainty that the moments when I struggle the most are the ones when I forget to trust the Universe/Source/God/Creator, and when I disconnect from the knowledge that we are all One.  One more concept was underlined and highlighted in bold letters in my mind, and that is that we are all here for A PURPOSE! And if we don’t give room for this purpose to show up, if we don’t gain clarity on what it is and what is your unique “special sauce” it will exhaust you, make you sick, even kill you! I am “deadly” serious.

This is an invitation for you to dive deep and to ask yourself questions such as:

·      Am I clear on what is it that gives meaning to my life, here, now?
·      Do I know what is my sacred purpose?
·      I am in touch with the fire within that will propel me forward no matter what?
·      Am I showing up at my highest level of performance for myself and my loved ones and my mission?

For you, who already know what your “secret sauce” is, then this is an invitation to keep delving deeper, and by all means, would you tell me what your secret sauce is?

For all of us, the key question is “in what way can I be MORE EXTRA-ordinary than ever before”. Now, more than ever, our loved ones and humanity as a whole needs us to be the better version of ourselves that we can be!

Namasté my friend!


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Spiritual Life Coach

PS: By all means share your special sauce with me!