Yellow Ray Empowered Wisdom By Shakti

Dearest one, it’s time to reclaim YOUR energy!

Now that we are stepping into the time for the Lion’s energy to support and empower us!

You may have noticed the intensity of the period that the past new moon in Cancer started us on. Thankfully today you will start feeling the change in the energetic quality available to us.

This is a time to be very aware of how you use your energy. The Lion’s Gate portal leads us into the peak of the summer months, a time to utilize the energy of the Sun with care and intention.

To make the most out of this portal that begins to open today I invite to do some inquiry either while quiet in nature or with your journal at hand.

~ Am I owning my power or am I giving it away to others?
~ Have I been feeling drained? Ungrounded? Flat? Do I notice this when I am around certain people? Or is this a general state I’ve found myself in?
~ Am I at my optimal energy level? If yes what has been working for me? (do more of this!)  If no what hasn’t been working for me?

Remember you always have a choice regarding where our energy goes.

Take time to embrace what nature and the Earth gift us every day by looking at the sun directly at least 30 seconds every day. You will notice a powerful recharge.

Claim more time and energy for yourself! Look at what is and isn’t serving you.

With love,



PS: On August 3rd we’ll start the Yellow Ray of Empowered Wisdom Activation. You can learn more and join us HERE.