No Pain No Gain... this phrase has driven me for years… actually, it has driven me most of my life… until not long ago.

I truthfully believed the best of my intentions as I lived life using terms as“warrior of light”, “overcoming challenges”, “learning through hardship”…. and the universe was wonderful to me: it ensured I lived those experiences! Duh!

I am no longer a warrior of light, I am a peace torch bearer if at all! I now longer live to overcome challenges, I live expecting my experiences to sprout from the light of love and compassion.

At first I had to watch the words I chose to reflect my reality but now, I know that No Pain No Gain is not necessarily true. Yes, for sure, I did learn through pain, and I did get ahead no matter what, but I have learned that results can show up from BEING rather than DOING. 

It wasn’t easy for me to grasp that concept. It was simple enough that my mind understood it, but not easy for me to encompass it.

But I tried…. no pain no gain was “hard to let go” 🙂 ha ha

The New Earth paradigm does not request pain from you. It requests your joy, it is asking to step up to embrace your soul’s desire and to put forth a life where you live joyful and fulfilled through following your passion.

It is a completely new way of living life. It is a NEW PARADIGM and sometimes I watch how difficult it is for many to believe in this.

It has been many years under the “dream” of “no pain no gain” to let it go and believe that we can live rich lives of love and fulfilment by being who we are, by contacting our souls and living life under a new set of rules.

I see you.
I see your perplexed looks.
I see you as you work through old paradigms.
I see you as you let go of beliefs that no longer serve you.
I see you as you remember yourself.
I see you as your recap what are your passions.
I see you as you take courageous steps to show up with your gifts.
I see you as you overcome a belittling mind to remember your worth.

I see you becuase I have been there.
Seeing you is seeing me, that is why I CAN SEE YOU.

And I send love, and compassion, and understanding… and I believe in you.

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Shine Bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach