We are humans and as such we are NOT ALWAYS in tip top form. No matter if we are life coaches or business coaches, we have those down days too, like any human being that is showing up totally for their soulful purpose and also for all of those still trying to find out which one that is.

Today I am reaching out to you as a fellow traveler. As a woman to a woman and as a woman to a man and mostly as a healer.

My heart is heavy with the sorrow of those affected by the devastation of the Earth’s elements.... so far Air (hurricanes in Florida, Caribbean, and more), Earth (earthquakes in Mexico and not only) and Fire (damage to Italy and now Northern California and more).

I want to share with you my pain and the love that is vibrating from me to every fellow sentient being on earth right now, in these harsh circumstances. But there is a lesson in this devastation. The Earth, our beloved planet who hosts us in its most loving way, is shaking off all the bad that is clogged inside and out.

More than ever, each one of us has the mission to shine bright with our own unique gifts. We have the responsibility to rise up to the occasion and live up to the task we set for ourselves before choosing this time to be alive in the third dimension.

BUT MOST OF ALL, what we can ALL DO immediately, is connecting to the utmost compassion and love inside of us and FIRST AND FOREMOST give it to ourselves.

Love yourself, accept yourself and have compassion for yourself and from that wonderful space of light radiate these loving frequencies for everybody’s benefit. To sustain those living through hard times, to support those in the midst of their transformation process and to help heal all those in pain.

That is my message to you and for you today. MY LOVE IS HEADING your way and everyone’s way.
LOVE is the answer to every single question.

Much love.

Shine Bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach

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