You have probably heard it said in many different ways that what you believe about yourself becomes true for you. Well yes, this is in fact how it works, we do create our experience with our thoughts and beliefs and evidently the actions that follow.

Now, one of the most important beliefs, or THE most important belief, is about LOVING OURSELVES. This is at the top of the pyramid, of all of the other beliefs you may have about yourself and about your life.

So, if you are like most humans, you are not yet 100% there with accepting and loving yourself, physically, emotionally and intellectually for who you are.

If this is so, begin now.

To love oneself is not something that happens in one day or one minute, but it happens with the adding up of many small seconds when we chose to love ourselves.

Love yourself starting with small things. The smallest beginning will make a big impact.

The smallest instant of self-love will take you a long way.

So begin with some of the most obvious things where you have been denying love to yourself. We begin with the boulders and then we move on to the smaller things and little by little we learn to love ourselves, to accept ourselves for who and how we are.

As you take this approach, you will find that this work accelerates creating a big ripple effect in your life… you will find yourself in good health, loved, prosperity will happen, you will smoothly find room for creative self-expression and the truth is that it all begins with loving ourselves.

As we love ourselves continuously our changes begin progressing and it becomes easier to keep loving ourselves.

If our thoughts are negative and demanding then our changes are negative, if our thoughts are positive and loving then our change will be also positive and loving.

You will have a wonderful life as the result of becoming more loving, approving, joyous and accepting of others in the process of life.

You have a choice to which way you want your life to go.

Work with me and leap into your powerful most wonderful version of yourself!

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach