Yoga Meditation Life cycle

Today I am traveling back from Tuscany in Italy to California in the United States after 5 intense weeks of traveling.

Hubby and I have been to a transformational retreat in Costa Rica where we blended pleasure and work. From there we headed to Slovenia where once again we went into a spiritual cocktail of expansion while also working and finally to Italy for 3 weeks to be with our family and participate in my elder son’s wedding.

As I am sitting here at the airport waiting for our delayed flight I was pondering about the cycles of our lives.

Our lives experiences are cyclical. When we pay attention we can better understand our eliptical “upwards” spiraling.

This time our travels have been marked by continual exposure to the yin and yang of life, a counterpoint of light and darkness. In the midst of the most joyful events cars break down, pipes explode, and messes at the 3D level of all types!

I’ve been observing my own reactions to the ups and downs and realized that as we learn from what life puts in front of us, we stay centered despite what apparently may seem chaotic, our expansion happens albeit not in a linear way, but rather a messy exponential and cyclical path! And with each new cycle, we are able to see more aspects of our shadows and release deeper layers of trauma healing more and thus living with more joy, ease, and grace.

Stefano, my husband, and I were challenged to stay centered and keep choosing love, over and over…. Because it’s love and oneness that shifts us out of our Earth’s dual experience and into the integration of unity, centeredness, and oneness, and able to recognize each experience for what it is… simply an experience where we get to choose what we make of it.

Take time to ponder about this. Where in your life drama is unfolding and pulling you into judging the experience and therefore living it as something you don’t want? In these instances, we add resistance to the messiness and create an even harder moment.

With much love and light,


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”