It is time I have the courage to say it out loud….without fear of breaking the spell:

“I am joyful, deeply happy, at ease, living with grace exactly what I have been dreaming of, desiring and actively pursuing in manifestation.”

No, this does not mean life is “perfect” from a “checklist” standpoint. You know how society wants to know ….

♥ Love: check

♥ Sons: check

♥ Family: check

♥ Health: check

♥ Work: check…

It is not such thing, because for me in this moment it is not check check check…and herein lies the magic. It is not about the checklist.

It is about knowing my reason, knowing my why, knowing that I am living my purpose, that I am here through a lifetime of choices, whatever they might have been, without judging them good or bad….these choices have brought me here, to this date, with my joys and my pains.

And here I stand, now at 53 years old, waking up every morning so serene, at ease, loving, trusting and joyful that I surprise myself.

I now understand what it means to live in the magic, to expect magic as the logical consequence of trusting life TOTALLY.

I have experienced depression through hopelessness, shame, abuse and overwhelm when no solution seemed possible from my perspective.

I have endured anxiety attacks when fear was so strong it ate at my solar plexus and ripped my heart as I stood over the precipice knowing the only solution was to let go completely and I was not able to at the time.

I have sought all types of strategies… mostly doing. Doing was my drug, I “knew” that if I kept moving and doing things I was “in control”…. Nothing farther from the truth. I meditated, I wrote in my journal, I walked in nature, I did yoga, I took courses, I read books, I loved and I TRIED to trust and then I did some more…but fear won for a very long time…. And in the end, nearing the turning point, fear was so subtle it masked itself in all kind of tricky feelings or thoughts. Sneaky little thing, the ego tried to trip me at every step of the way.

I bucked and resisted, and tried to let go, and did and didn’t. I was not able to comprehend in the depths of my being the difference between doing and being. Being. Simply being. No other thing needed. It scared me to the core! The solution is so easy yet not simple to implement. Letting go COMPLETELY of control and in total trust just BE.

My why is that I yearn to help my soulful brothers and sisters to be able to do the same, to walk their own journey and put forth their unique dreams and their unique gifts. I know that this life of grace and ease is available to each on of us. The answer is truthfully at the other side of fear.

This is my reason. As I touch and live this space full of heart and purpose I yearn for you, and you and you … to be able to share this joyful space with me.

I have begged source to use me to be of service so that I can help you contact your joy, your deep profound reason for being here, in this body, in this reality, in this present moment.

Let me work with you so you can contact your joy, your deep soulful yearning full of hope and purpose.

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I wish you joy so you can shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Life Coach & Healer