Have you noticed you have a tendency to put people on a pedestal?
Or have you ever done it? Maybe once? Maybe more than once?

For many years of my life I, put people on a pedestal. Not everyone of course. But I became aware of my tendency to “figuratively hold” bosses, teachers, mentors, and even men I liked, above me. I use the term pedestal, because, in my mind, these people were great, so much more than methey knew more than me, they were more perfect than me, they had more experience than me, they were so handsome, and so much more.

Since I thought so highly of them I strived to become more like then, and since I am such a good student (seriously!) I invariably would reach a point when in my own evolution I would notice that they would unbeknownst to them… “let me down”. 

Yes, they would suddenly come crashing down the pedestal and I would get all ruffled up and mad inside. I would have the most difficult conversations inside my mind until one after another I realized that:

a)    they never asked to be placed on a pedestal
b)   they didn’t think they were better, more intelligent, more of anything (for the most part!)
c)    this was my own doing and therefore my own “un-doing”

I have learned on my own skin the importance of holding myself up no matter who sits by my side or stands in front of me. I am worthy. Period. As are you.

That is why in the work I do I ensure you know that you and only you are your own teacher. I may be a facilitator, a guide, the one that opens some crucial doors for you but you and only you can do the work. I can help you shine the light on those parts of you in the shadow, we all have our shadow side.

I have learned that in order to continue with the unfolding of my life, living on purpose, I need someone ahead of me in my path, to help me see my blind spots… but here is the key point. Ahead of me doesn’t mean better than me, it only means that they are a few steps ahead in the same way I am a few steps ahead of the women I work with.

The shamans, teachers and coaches I have work with can help me see the way in which I get in my own way, they can help me identify the “obstacles” so to speak, but only I can remove them, only I have the key to the healing inside, the same way in which I can help you but YOU and only YOU can remove them … if you so desire. 

Love and light,


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Life Coach & Healer


“Darling, self-discovery isn’t always about the most convenient ways…”