Remember Indiana Jones?

The only certainty is change.

Yes, I know you know.

How-so-ever have you noticed that albeit the fact that change is automatic, progress is not?
What does it take to successfully make a lasting change in your life or in your business?

You must have a vision.

Move from what you “should” do to what you “WANT” to do, what is it that excites you, that is compelling and that you have strong enough reasons that you are going to follow through regardless.
What is it that is going to have you showing up in your life every day, because this is what you absolutely want?

Always remember that reasons come first and answers come second.

Whenever I have had to confront the darkest nights of my soul, I was always encouraged by Indiana Jones. Yes, you read correctly. Remember that scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where he falls into a cave full of scorpions and serpents, and once he frees himself from these creatures and runs forward in the cave only to find that the light he was seeing is of a hole that falls into the void?…. But do you remember what happens next? That is for me the crux of the issue…. He closes his eyes and puts a foot into the abyss, and alas the bridge of stardust starts forming under his feet. This is exactly how life works. That is where trust comes in.

If you show up, keep your vision, feel it, live it and act accordingly AND YOU HOLD TRUST IN YOUR HEART, then your outcome is assured. Remember how in the Indiana Jones movie he puts a foot out into the abyss and the bridge comes to life!?
It is important to see your vision as a certainty, see it in your life as it if it has already happened, and connect to the emotion, and then…. Put your foot forward. Reasons come first answers come second.

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Love and Light!

Shine Bright

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach