Solar Eclipse by Shakti

It’s time to pay attention, eclipse season is here! That is why I want to share with you 5 things you need to know about eclipses and why they are an important time for you. You may think of eclipses as a powerful tool the Universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to be healed and transformed.

1) An eclipse is the result of a powerful interaction between the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun and they take place on New Moons or Full Moons. When they happen the New and Full Moons are at least three times more powerful than a regular New Moon or Full Moon!

Say what?

2) Eclipses come within periods, normally twice a year in two different windows, each with a lunar and a solar eclipse, full or partial. This is known as eclipse season and the standard time of the window is 34 days.

3) On October 25th there will be a partial Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Scorpio seen in parts of Europe and Asia and on November 8th there will be a Full Lunar eclipse in Taurus seen across North America, Australia, parts of Asia and South America.

4) For 2022 this is the second eclipse season featuring a lunar eclipse of 1 hour and 25 minutes almost identical to the one on May 15th-16th, making it a once in a 430-year occurrence because of the balanced pair of lunar eclipses. Between 1661 and 2091 there will not be another set of two lunar eclipses of such equal length and strength! (source Astronomy by Graham Jones)

5) Eclipses are times of heightened energies that we can use to our benefit as we have an opportunity to bring into the light aspects of ourselves that are hidden from our own awareness and affecting our lives. Eclipses tend to shake us out of our status quo and provide an opportunity for quantum leaps. This is one of the reasons I am holding an event in November in Mount Shasta starting the day after the November 8th, eclipse!

So what can you do about all of this?

I invite you to be very intentional during the next two eclipses. Take time to open up sacred space by lighting a candle and sitting in quiet contemplation asking questions such as:

🌑 Where do I feel stuck?

✨ What areas of my life do I feel unfilled with? Think relationships, work, love, health, physical fitness, emotional wellbeing, spiritual life…

💫 Do I feel lost or out of control in any aspect of my life?

❤️ What ONE action can I take to start creating a conscious transformation? ❤️

In love and service,



A man is whole only when he takes into account his shadow.” [Djuna Barnes]