If I think about it, I have always been a dreamer.
I dreamt of what I wanted until subtly and almost imperceptibly my dreams became desires.
It is at the point in which you have a burning desire that you start planning the actions steps to make this desire a reality.
Dream. Desire. Action.
This is the order in which we manifest our reality.
Source or the universe does not categorize things in good or bad and positive or negative ways, the universe has no judgment.  That is why when all we can think about is our debt or we are live in constant fear, that is what we vibrate as desire which attracts to us more of the same.

On the other hand, if we are wonderful at meditating and visualising but we do not take strategic action to ensure this desire get materialised, still we will not be able to manifest.
We actually have to put concerted “3 dimensional” efforts behind our dreams for them to come true.
And herein lies the important clue many of us are unaware of.  When I say we must take action, I mean to BE and to take inspired action. I do not mean to spring in a “Jack in the Box” style at every minute, running around like a “chicken with the head cutoff”…. Not at all….  

I mean we must EMBODY what we want to manifest, to feel it, to see it, to perceive it, and only then ensuring every action we take is coherent and in line with our integrity and goals.
It is actually simple, quite simple, but sometimes it doesn’t seem that easy to put into practice. Keep trying, keep adjusting your aim, keep at it, until you can enjoy your desired outcome!