I am wondering… have you been feeling these crazy energies during this last month and days?

I am fascinated by: astrology, Mayan Astrology, astronomy and all the interactions of the systems that pertain to the Universe we live in among many other things, clearly!

The solstice on June 21st, initiated a time of deep transformation be it that you want it or not. You may resist or you may surrender but you are going to be changed by these times one way or another.

The energies of the Sun Eclipse of July 2nd, then the Moon Eclipse of July 16th, the “Day Out of Time” on the 25th, the beginning of the Mayan New Year (yesterday), and on August 8th, the Lion’s Portal have been enhancing each others very potent influences creating a magnified field and a thinning of the veils.

Ladies, this is a momentous time where your intuitive abilities will be expanding, you may experience uncanny coincidences, to include anticipating what someone was going to do or say. Yes, all of these astronomical events impact us in a big way, more that we allow ourselves to admit.

That is why I am asking you: do you feel it?

I know I have been feeling it. Personally my life and business have had a quickening, things have started happening in an accelerated manner: new opportunities, new clients, new venues, my life and entrepreneur path opening up in leaps and bounds daily to the point I feel FULL to the brim and so truly happy to share with my community and my tribe what I know and love.

Write to me, tell me what has been going on for you so I can support you and hold space for your expansion and fulfillment.

I wish you a wonderful weekend where you can surrender to the Universal flow and receive the grace and ease of it all.

Love and grace,


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Life Coach & Healer

When you make a mistake and the devil comes and tells you ‘You’re no good,’ you don’t have to take on the guilt and condemnation he wants to put on you.