So much is happening at this time and yet I feel  time as if it were warped. I go from being in a time tunnel that is slow like a plasma or gelatin and where things happen in slow motion into time moving so fast I can’t even grasp everything that happens.

It is consciousness versus corporeal reality; it is a time warp between the two realms…. This is me in the here and now, today as it is… and there is me beyond time and space.

Having opened up to the truth of who I am, recognizing that I am spirit that seeks expression through my soul in my body I remember love, I remember that I am one with all of you, I remember we are one.

It is a journey into remembering who I am, who we are.

It wasn’t always like this, on the contrary, I have lived in the illusion that we are separate, within the matrix of submission giving away my control to the outside world… to my parents, to my spouse, to my boss, to the banks, to whatever happened around me…Speak of limiting beliefs!

Looking at these beliefs, starting with the ones that made me suffer the most, has been a fascinating part of my journey!

The first powerful awareness that created an important shift of consciousness has been: “every person and every situation that are present in my life at a certain time are here because I have called upon them”. Accepting this made me realize that the same way in which I called these manifestations (I didn’t use to give them this name), I could also change them. This was an empowering new way of looking at things even though at the time the responsibility of it seemed a bit overwhelming.

I started to learn what it means to take action with specific intent. I began to make specific changes and choose my words carefully with clarity regarding what I wanted the outcome to be, and true to my new reality, things began to shift, people that had a different belief systems left my life, synchronicities happened, and at the same time I continued to change and to perceive my own life differently.

I now deliberately choose my empowering beliefs. When I catch myself slipping and wording a phrase that supports an old limiting belief (and at times this can happen!) as I notice it, I correct what I just said. I reframe it to express the possibility instead of the lack within the statement.

I have learned that it is important for me to choose what I absorb from the world around me. For example, watching the news on TV does suck away my aliveness so I chose to stay informed of what happens in the world through web based newspapers eliminating the gruesome commentaries from TV newscasters.

At a simpler level, I thrive through my morning ritual. I have had a morning ritual or more than a decade now, even though I have changed it and adapted it through time. When I wake up in the morning, knowing that my ritual awaits me helps me to start my day with ease. At the present time my ritual involves meditation, journaling, visualizing or channeling and it ends with having breakfast on my own and in silence. It is a sacred time and space only for me. It is after this “alone” time that I turn on the phone and allow the outside world to contact me!

When it comes to your limiting beliefs what are you allowing your mind to convince you of?

What empowering beliefs can help you with what is holding you back?

Remember WHO YOU are and SHINE BRIGHT! Book YOUR Purpose Activation Session NOW!

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach