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We are all cosmically intertwined in the divine matrix. What someone else feels and does, what you feel and do, shifts the fabric of the Universe itself impacting your life and others.

These are turbulent times. Moments of great shifts, unknowns, changes. Some of us are feeling this more than others or … like a friend told me last week… “I think change may be happening in my life but I am in such resistance that I am not seeing it!”   We were laughing together because this often happens. We say “oh no, that is not happening to me” to be smacked in the face a few days or months later by IT!

Today my invitation is to TRUST that joy, profound life force joy, is waiting to be felt and found by you.

Can you let go of your attachment to the apparent problems at hand? Even for just a moment in time? Even for just a little bit? As you do you will be allowing the Divine to take over and bring forth the most beautiful unfolding.

At this time we are being invited to live a life filled with grace and in order to make room for the Divine to be more present in our lives we must make the choice of allowing some “disassembling”. In doing so old structures holding trauma and fear can dissolve so that your true nature, joy, can bubble up to the surface.

Dearest, be intentional in these days of high energetics so that you can be held in the flow… all you have to do is steer.

Highlight dates : 

Tuesday, November 1st as we entered the 111 portal of death and rebirth

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, Full Moon in Taurus full Lunar Eclipse

I have been personally feeling the influences of this eclipse and full moon since the New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. Potentially so have you even though you may not be clearly identifying the influences.

Think rapid change in your face:

  Are plans changing on the go at a rapid pace?

  Are your sleep patterns hinging?

  Do you have any major area in your life that is under discussion? Think spiritual path, relationships, home location, work change, travel plans?

  Is life surprising you with beautiful news that you weren’t even imagining possible?

  You are in fear, the unknown is a struggle?

This and more is what is happening in the now moment for us. You, me, and all of us are going through this.

Today I invite you to call in the energetics of this Eclipse and Full Moon… The eclipse actually starts on 11/8 at 0:02 Pacific time and will last all the way until 5:56 am but we are already under this energetic pull.

How to do that?

* Be observant, when curved balls are thrown your way … duck!

* Be intentional, writing your intentions helps with clarity

* Be flexible, and release the need to “do it the way you want to do it”.

* Be joyful, know that all of this is happening to break patterns that no longer serve you, and make room for the new.

* Use Cacao as Plant Medicine to support the expansion of your gratitude and love. 

* Trust. TRUST. Trust.

Remember that YOU ARE A CO-CREATOR of the WHAT and release the HOW to the most benevolent love and light. You are loved.

With love and joy ,