Since I like keeping you entertained I love to use different visual media, thus today I share my thoughts through a video!

Hurray for technology and creativity!

I’d love to know if you like to consume communication in this way, or if you’d just rather read text. I want you to feel good and receive value content!

“ANXIETY”: Today I chose this subject because it has been coming up with my peeps quite a bit lately, and I thought it deserved a few words.

I hope you find the tips useful, hopefully not for yourself. 🙂
Remember to spread the love and share with those you care for, who unbeknownst to you might be needing some words of encouragement and friendly love.

The four tips to reduce anxiety I explain in the video are:

  1. Breathing exercises
  2. Meditation
  3. Moving your body
  4. Healthy eating!

Have fun and shine bright!

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Valerie Bottazzi

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