What? Energy doesn’t exist.

I am so sick of hearing this being played back at me every time I speak to my 19 year old about coaching and about the power we all have to create our own reality! 🙂

Argh…. But since I like challenges, I set myself to find a way in which to explain this concept in terms that everyone can understand it, using music as an example since my son is a musician….
Curious? I hope so!
We all live in a vibrational universe and we are vibrational beings whose cells and organs pulsate at a particular frequency. Our brain pulsates with electromagnetic energy affected by our emotions, our health and our general state of well being.
Our body contracts and pulses at various rates including the contraction of our stomach, our heartbeats and the rhythm of our breathing. Our whole body with each of its cells and organs forms a vibrational frequency, which is unique to us.
And I know “unfortunately” or “fortunately” from experience that when there is DIS-ease, depression or negative behaviour patterns it is because our bodies are “out of tune”.
Are you familiar with the physical concepts of “resonance” and “entrainment”? bear with me. Please read the definitions below in order to get a better understanding of my next point.

Resonance: Resonance is when one vibrating object causes another vibrating object with the same resonant frequency, to vibrate.

Entrainment: the principle of entrainment appears when a more powerful frequency causes a lower powerful frequency to be entrained by the more powerful one.

So to the point… have you ever been in a room where a guitar player has a second guitar sitting on a corner, and as he plays one instrument, the second guitar starts emitting similar sounds? That is resonance.

Our language has these concepts imbedded in it, think of these phrases for example: “I am in tune with a situation”, or “he and I are on the same wave-length”, to mention a few.

Therefore, the vibration we give off is met and reflected back to us, and it is easy to understand that  we cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thoughts we had when we created them.

But why is this important? Because there is a way in which we can make a shift and raise our vibration to become powerful manifestors. 

Here is a tip: You can tap into the principle of entrainment.Thankfully. Seek people and events that have a high frequency, such as meditation groups, dancing groups, walking in nature activities, and anything you are attracted to that you know has a high healthy vibration.

By the principle of entrainment you will be “pulled” into a higher vibrational frequency, and as you physically move your brain will start to create new habits and new pathways.

But also by taking over new activities and surrounding yourself with new friends!

Remember that if you are in your comfort zone you are going nowhere, you have got to move into your action zone.

Much love.

Valerie Bottazzi
Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Coach.

Don’t wait! The world needs you to shine bright!