I am taking it all in.

Sitting in this spot under an acacia tree in front of my Tuscan farmhouse…. Sweet magic.

I do see, feel and know how truly blessed I am.

I have come a long way from those days of depression, anxiety and stress.

I live in a gorgeous location, in the sweetest of houses, I have two amazing sons and a hubby I love. I have education, skills and a big heart that is ready to receive and give love. I stand in my power and am walking my soulful path.

I am showing up totally with my uniqueness to be of service No strings attached.

I acknowledge that the deepest desire in my heart is to reach other women, that just like me, are struggling with pain, suffering for lack of clarity, doubt or duality, frozen to move on into their greatness and fulfillment.

For years…. For years I have felt a nagging pull at the level of my heart and my solar plexus. I knew deep down that I was here for a reason and felt within a haze. I couldn’t see clearly what to do and was unable to put my finger on precisely what was it that was not working for me.

My life was full and lively and thus from the outside it looked as if I were doing all right. My life led me through a meandering path. Don’t get me wrong, some of these meanders were awesome!

I have had an enormously rich life experience, emotions through the kazoo, success, loss, love, rejection, hard lessons learned with highs and lows and I am so much richer because of them.

I am convinced that I am now exactly where I have always “felt” I wanted to be. I now know.

Let me tell you …. It is time to take action when you are feeling in any way, shape or form, that there is something out there waiting for you.

It is time to change the way in which you are doing things when you sense deep in your heart that there is something amiss.

It is time to adjust the direction of your inner compass when you cannot gain clarity of where your joy resides.

I invite you to take action now. Let’s talk and see how I can support you!

Always shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Coach