Private Coaching at “The School of Wisdom”

Private Coaching at “The School of Wisdom”

You receive three 45-minute private coaching sessions to get individualized support as part of The School of Wisdom program.

We recommend you get started using your coaching sessions right away once the program begins, so you can gain clarity mapping your journey.

Program coaching sessions expire 6 months after you join, and must be booked no later than the month before mid year (30 days in advance) in order to ensure that you’ll get a space with your coach.

NOTE: You cannot receive more than one session per month.

FIRST STEP — Please submit your School of Wisdom Questionnaire immediately.

You will not be able to receive your first session if you haven’t sent in the questionnaire at least 1 week ahead of your first coaching session


Once your QUESTIONNAIRE is reviewed, you’ll receive an email confirming our receipt and that you may start booking your first session.


HOW TO BOOK A SESSION — Book your coaching sessions by CLICKING HERE

  • NOTE: When booking a session, be sure to click through the full booking until you receive the confirmation page.
  • You’ll also receive an email confirmation, save this for the custom Zoom access for your coaching session.
  • You will receive her Zoom line on the confirmation page once booked.
  • Meet her on the Zoom line at the time of your scheduled session.