White Ray Schedule

The White Ray Embodiment journey is a live journey during the month of March 2023

All sessions will happen within this ZOOM LINK >>>


You may choose to use the “JOIN SESSION” button in ZOOM with the following MEETING ID: 859 9122 6559

TIME:  All calls except the 1st call will be held at 12:00  PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles) and will last 60 minutes.

The 1st call will be held at 2:00 pm Pacific Time and will last approximately 90 minutes. 

*** PLEASE BE AWARE that the United States will go into DayLight Savings on March 12h, right in the middle of this series, and therefore if you are NOT in the USA, your time for the calls will change after the 2nd call.  ***

CLICK here to verify the time in your TIME ZONE

Call Schedule

STARTING Call # 1 >>> March 7th, 2023  (90 minutes)

Call # 2 >>> March 8th, 2023

Call # 3 >>> March 14th, 2023

Call # 4 >>> March 16th, 2023

Call # 5 >>> March 21st, 2023


Please mark your calendar now so you can be present for each of the calls.


For Zoom instructions and links, click HERE.