White Ray Zoom Instructions

All our scheduled calls will be held in our private ZOOM ROOM.

You may want to save this link to have it handy on every occasion or you can always find it in your Lesson sidebar.

For your information, our ZOOM Meeting ID is 859 9122 6559

If you are not familiar with ZOOM, use the instructions below to ensure you are correctly set up at least one day before our first call.

On your computer: If you haven’t downloaded the Zoom application yet, please do so now through this link — https://zoom.us/join. On the day of the call, just click the Zoom link above, and it will bring you straight to the call. If you need to, enter the Meeting ID above.

On your phone app: Be sure to download the app onto your phone as soon as possible so that all will be ready for the first call. When you search for the app, type in “Zoom” and look for “ZOOM Cloud Meetings.” After it is downloaded, open up your Zoom application and enter the Meeting ID to join the call.

Over a phone call: Use either of these U.S. phone numbers to call in — (408) 638-0968 or (646) 558-8656. After you call in, you’ll be asked for the Meeting ID, then you’ll be asked to enter your unique participant ID. In this case, simply press # to skip this step. If you’re outside of the U.S., you’ll find local call-in numbers here: FIND YOUR LOCAL NUMBERS

I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful face during our calls, so make sure your video and audio are working properly.

With love,

Deva Shakti