Introduction to the Threefold Flame Activation

Welcome to the

Threefold Flame Activation Course

The Trinity of the Threefold Flame Activation , provides support for the Body, Mind and Soul to expand in the power of Wisdom so that we can fulfill our destiny through our “I AM PRESENT” in a Soul- Conscious Manifestation.

Throughout this series, the Masters will teach you not only how to journey and bi-locate but also how to incorporate this Wisdom into your physical body and how to apply it in our daily lives.


No matter where you are and when you are on Earth’s linear time, you will receive the activation in the Quantum Field with the same power as if you would have been a part of the circle LIVE.

You are with us all along, such is the mystery of multidimensional consciousness.




This transmission is a linear one, with each call building upon each other.

Enjoy this journey, take it easy, rejoice in each experience and join us in the Facebook group with the button below.

It is a guidance of the Ascended Masters to share and engage in the experience of the circle through the community of the Sacred Ascension Rays as part of the healing and activation.

We can’t wait to be with you again! It is my honor to be with you on this path.

With love,


Deva Shakti


PS: For questions and help regarding the navigation of this course, inability to access materials, or any other administrative need please email