Act-Eve-8 Introduction

Activate 2024 by Shakti 12-12 to 12-21 2023


 Welcome to ACT-EVE-8!

This course was recorded during the fire-powered portal that transpired between 12-12-2023 and 12-21-2023. In the now moment whenever and wherever you will be receiving these transmissions the energies will reach with the same intensity and clarity as if in the third dimension you would have been there with us. The truth is that you have been with us in the Quantum since these transmissions exist in a no-time-space Quantum Continuum.

Act-Eve-8 is an invitation to activate the power of creation within you to be manifested especially during 2024 with the help of the dragon energies and of the frequencies of the year 8. 

We are excited to have you here as part of a circle with focused attention, clarity of intention, and love.




This transmission is a linear one, with each call building upon each other.  The advice is for you to listen to each transmission in the order in which it was given. You will notice that to support you the modules will open up in sequential oder day after day since the moment you purchased the course.

You are invited to show up fully, enjoy the journey, and rejoice in each Transmission as if you effectively were there with us!

With love,


Deva Shakti


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