Eclipse Integration by Shakti
Eclipse Integration by Shakti
Imbolc 2024 by Shakti



~ Mercury is still retrograde

~ What are your challenging gains?

~ Claiming a new vision




 Wednesday 10th, 2024 @ 11 am Pacific Time


✨ There is much to share both for you to understand what is happening now, from a numerical and planetary perspective and from the soul perspective.

The Guidance for this Integration Gathering is to support you in understanding the dynamics at play in your life and why and bringing forth healing and sacred rays to allow your physical body to catch up.

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Shakti Bottazzi

Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher

Shakti Bottazzi is a modern-day medicine woman. She is a cosmic citizen carrying many different transmissions within while also a citizen of Argentina, Italy and the United States.

Born and raised in Argentina she took her first steps into her spiritual path seeking answers during her late teenage years learning meditation and energy healing from Andean and Jesuit traditions. Later on she studied with Masters from Japan, China and India including more than a decade of Buddhism. She has had direct transmission from Curanderos from Central America and received medicine from the Navajo tradition.

Shakti started channeling ascended beings of light in 2012 and receiving direct teachings and guidance that she has incorporated to her vast repertoire of tools creating her own methods for healing and teaching. Successful in her own right she is a 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar with more than 30 years in the corporate world.

Shakti brings together her multifaceted multicultural life expression guiding people into their becoming. Those who work with her expand their gifts, learn to trust their intuition, and become deeply connected to their own soul’s work leading a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity. Look for her at


Praise For Shakti’s Work 



 Praise For Shakti’s Work 


Shakti Bottazzi is my mentor. I struggle with words to say how much she means to me – how she profoundly saw me as a much stronger and more talented version of myself that I did not know existed. She saw my light, my power and she called out. She forced me in a strong and loving way to step into my power and spiritual leadership. She continues to hold me accountable to be the powerhouse she knows me to be. I love her beyond time.

Her healings have shifted me in ways I cannot articulate and lack words to describe. Taking her School for Wisdom and Wisdom Mastery Academy were two difficult and challenging years. And, also the best two years of spiritual study I have ever done. I met and faced more shadows than I knew I had the courage for. I grew, I evolved, and I opened up to so many of my gifts. I shed skins – layers, and layers of old oaths, vows, and promises. I grew into the wise woman I always claimed to be. Her coaching is spot on- and frightening- she sees through layers of clever subterfuge.

She calls out your higher self. She calls us to activate. Her series on the Sacred Rays is a course of study I go back to again and again. She attuned me in the Crystalline Soma Healing Method. My healing abilities now are off the charts and more than before I met her. I aim to step into my wisdom Mastery and help others do what she has done for me. She is my teacher, my cheerleader, my mentor and my friend.

Paige Lussier Johnson

Divine Messenger and Inner Artist Coach at Luvnl888 Reiki Health and Wellness

For many years and even with much inner work, I struggled to understand several key relationships in my life. With Shakti’s Ancestral Healing work, I finally was able to be at peace – so much made “sense” to me! More importantly, I gained deeper trust in my inner knowing, let go of guilt, and felt free to live my life, my way, authentically. The results were profound. This was a key component in my personal journey this year. Thank you Shakti!
Meghan Gilroy

Spiritual Teacher & Soul-led Business Mentor