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Rainbow Ray Activation by Deva Shakti Bottazzi Spiritual Teacher


~ Receiving the Rainbow Ray Activation will support your ability to connect to the highest form of Divine Love known as Christ Consciousness

~ Rainbow Light Codes are reaching us through the light of the Sun. This activation will facilitate your integration of these sacred codes.

~ The Rainbow Codes of Light are here to accelerate your ascension and conscious evolution

The RAINBOW RAY Activation enhances our ability to sustain the higher frequencies of the Christic Consciousness


As we are able to remain and sustain a higher frequency in our daily lives we begin to see new ways and solutions for patterns, behaviors, and desires where we hadn’t seen a way out before

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Rainbow Ray Activation by Deva Shakti Bottazzi Spiritual Teacher


~ Consciously receive healing from the LIGHT of the Sun

~ Expand your capacity for bliss, Be Bliss!

~ Untap the God codes within

~ Discover new joyful meaningful paths for your life to unfold

Release cellular memories & heal your physical body at all levels

Clear your body of light so Life Energies can flow freely through you igniting your passion for living

Activate your ascension path


Each session builds upon each other and it is recommended that you listen to them in order, even when you miss a call.  

Course components…


  • 7 Sessions of Live Transmissions: during the sessions, you will receive the activation of the Rainbow Ray through the channeling of ascended beings of light by Deva Shakti Bottazzi. You will also learn how to anchor the Rainbow Ray into your life, how to apply it in practical terms, what are the benefits of its activation in your daily life, and why is this important now more than ever before. Overall you will gain an understanding of your own ascension process and open your heart learning to trust your own inner guidance.
  • Replay Recordings: you will have lifetime access to this course.
  • Handouts: course materials in written form and printable format.
  • Ascension Sacred Rays Community: an important piece in the activation is the integration and share of your own experience. This forum provides space for all of this and more.