Ascension Portal


Let’s Gather in Sacred Circle


Channeling Ascended Beings by

Shakti Bottazzi 


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi 222222 Cosmic Portal Activation Mobile

Brothers & Sisters In the Awakening Path



Align With The Zero Point of the Central Sun to…


~ Access Infinite Universal Love

~ Turn On the New Earth Imprints Releasing Old 3D Programs

~ Receive Golden Codes of Awakening & Ascension


Brothers & Sisters In the Awakening Path



Align With The Zero Point of the Central Sun to…


~ Access Infinite Universal Love

~ Turn On the New Earth Imprints Releasing Old 3D Programs

~ Receive Golden Codes of Awakening & Ascension

Portal 222222 Valerie Shakti Bottazzi Spiritual Teacher

Join Valerie Shakti Bottazzi in this

90-minute sacred circle

February 22nd, 2022 @ 8:30 am Pacific Time


The portal opens a door to the golden codes coming from the Central Sun. These will help you reconnect with your own God Codes AND remember why you came here on Earth at this time.

2-22-222 (0 does not count) is the most potent portal of the Age of Aquarius. Receiving these awakening codes with awareness will help you to be better prepared for this catalyst year as the time compaction escalates.


What people say about Valerie…

I have been working with Valerie for almost 2 years now. To say that she is an awakened, connected, loving human is an understatement. She has changed my life in more ways than even she knows. Her guidance, love, and gentle way of helping you understand exactly what you need over what you want has helped me connect to myself and to others on a deep level. I can’t imagine my life before she entered it and I can’t imagine a life without her in it. Everything she does, everything she touches, every bit of her soul has been designed to help others understand and excel themselves. I am forever changed because of her! ~ Marie Hernandez

Before meeting Valerie and the sisters in The Awaken Path, I was at a loss. I had been crying out to the universe and angels asking for help to heal the wounds in which I held deep inside the unanswered questions that kept me up at night. Then one weekend my prayers had been answered when I met Valerie. To me she was the light I had been searching for, her grace and her understanding was mesmerizing. I had never felt energy like it! It was so majestic, so full of love, I cried not because I was sad but because I was overjoyed with emotions of happiness, it felt like home. I would highly recommend Valerie as not only did she help heal my past traumas and shadows, but I have come so far that I have opened up to the most magical spiritual gifts I could only ever have dreamed of! ~ Laura Hendren

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Healer

Valerie uses all she has learned in transforming from a General Manager to Medicine Woman to teach life-changing, transformational workshops live and online. Her step-by-step processes empower women to enhance their lives with meaning by saying “yes!” to their spiritual gifts.

A happy survivor of over 30 years in the corporate world, Valerie has experienced firsthand the emptiness that living out of alignment with purpose can bring.

As a certified coach with 40 years in the shamanic path, she teaches her clients how to make the same journey she has: that of quieting the analytical mind so that the inner wisdom can blossom. 

The women who work with her expand their gifts, learn to trust their intuition, and become deeply connected to their own soul’s work and lead a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity.

She is a best-selling author, 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar.

A remarkable blend of Argentinean, Italian and American cultures, Valerie is an honest, deeply transparent, heart-centered, courageous and colorful woman.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to exotic places with her husband and sons.


Where will this event be held?

This event will be held over ZOOM. You will receive the instructions you will need to participate live after you register for the event. You can REGISTER HERE NOW! 

When will this event be held?

The event will be held on February 22nd 2022 at 8:30 am Pacific Time/11:30 Eastern Time. You can check the Time Zone in your location HERE.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! We know how important it is to be on this journey with like minded soul brother and sisters. Please, spread the love and invite your friends. You are welcome to share with them the url of this page: https://theawakenpath.com/222222-cosmic-gateway/

Will there be recordings of this event?

Yes. There is going to be recording of this event that you will be able to watch and rewatch for a few days after the event is held. You must have registered to the event in order to receive a link for the replay.

How should I get ready?

I recommend you take the time to set your intention for this event. You will be given all the tools you need once you have registered for the event.