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m!x Melody m!x ver Activity & Entertainment

other,Activity & Entertainment Activity & Entertainment

  • Product Description Type: single item Papa similar?! Like mom?! This Tamagotchi no! I've seen Tamagotchi of now, as seen that there is no Tamagotchi grew up would! Grow if Sodatere go to various outing, marriage proposal! After various Tamagotchi and get along safely If successful, m! x is by a child is born it! as the larger, mom and dad, also resemble the ancestors to Tamar?! M! X can Tamagotchi, 27 character! in the toy shop " because Some Tamagotchi can only m! x in Tamagotchi m! x station ", Tamagotchi grow the super fun! appearance different each time in what to grow or do not know excitement is fun Tamagotchi m! x, the only of the Tamagotchi yourself brought up, Let brag to your friends ? use battery: single 4 ~ 2 (sold separately) !. ? melody M X Ver limited outing ahead of the "melody land", limited character "Meroditchi" "Okesutoro' is a 2-character of blood ". ? installation store of Tamagotchi m! X station, please check the Tamagotchi official HP.
  • (C) BANDAI, WiZ
  • Battery type: battery, please purchase separately for the sold separately.
  • Age: 6 years and older
  • Limited availability
  • Size: 4.5 x 3.1 x 2 inches

m!x Melody m!x ver m!x Melody m!x ver m!x Melody m!x ver m!x Melody m!x ver

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