Deva Shakti Bottazzi Soulstice 2023

Upgrade Your Transformation

Dare to Dream YOUR Dream into Manifesting

Harnessing this Soul-stice’s Portal Energy

 Join us in ceremony to…

🌎 Embrace the high vibrancy energetic of the Soulstice

🌔 Relaunch & Ground YOUR most expansive & highest vision for 2023 

🌍 Surrender to the Soulstice Portal of Death & Rebirth

🌗 Gather in sacred ceremony to receive clarity and blessings 

🌏 Information About the Upcoming Egypt Sacred Tour

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Join the SoulStice June 21st, 2023 ceremonial event!

JOIN Shakti Bottazzi FOR…





When? Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

Time? 9 am PST/12 pm EST/ 6 pm CET

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Join me on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 so I can guide you into a sacred initiation as you standstill together with Mother Earth to pause and listen to what’s next!

Offer your dream to the FIRE and receive the KEY that will support you in manifesting it during the next seasons.

Intentionally welcome the new season during the SoulStice on June 21st. This is a year supporting our upleveling in a repeating cycle of endings and new beginnings.

Use this portal energetically to support the second half of this year as the energy shifts from old archetypes into the new paradigm.

Step through this beautiful portal for your Soul to experience the shift of the NEW Season’s energy and riding upon the propelling force of it.

How it works…

For you who are aware of your journey of unfolding and living consciously this day is an important gateway to co-create what’s next.

During our gathering, we will come together into a ceremonial safe, and sacred space to foster learning, healing, and transmutation.

You will learn and gain an understanding of the forces at play during this important time for humanity, where we as lightworkers are midwifing another state of consciousness.

Come sit with us in a circle of love and surrender to the next stage of your own unfolding.

Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Guide & Shamanic Coach

She is a best-selling author, 3-time entrepreneurmotivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar.

A happy survivor of over 30 years in the corporate world, Shakti has experienced firsthand the emptiness that living out of alignment with purpose can bring.

As a certified coach, she teaches her clients how to make the same journey she has: that of quieting the analytical mind so that the inner wisdom can blossom. The people who work with her become deeply connected to their own soul’s work and lead a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity.

Shakti uses all she has learned in transforming from a General Manager to Medicine Woman to teach life-changing, transformational workshops live and online. Her step-by-step processes empower women to enhance their lives with meaning by saying “yes!” to their spiritual gifts.

A remarkable blend of Argentinean, Italian and American cultures, Valerie is an honest, deeply transparent, heart-centered, courageous and colorful woman. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to exotic places with her husband and sons.