Quantum Leap Your Life

What are the benefits of working with me in this program?

“Quantum Leap Your Life, Live YOUR Purpose” is an intense journey into self-healing to become the woman that loves and accepts herself fully so you can live your best version.

This 6-month program is a deep dive to tap into your uniqueness letting go what has stopped you from creating a life based on the purpose your heart and soul have been leading you into.

Valerie’s personal touch, intuition and skills, and her warm heart have been a blessing in my journey.

She helped me gain clarity on my goals and helped me with specific steps and procedures. She also worked with me as a healer to help me let go of deep painful limiting beliefs.

I am so thankful that serendipity put her in my path. She has guided me through a profound transformation, that has impacted all aspects of my life.

Elisabetta Addabbo, Italy

As you unlock your fears and heal what has been holding you hostage of your old traumas you will:

♥ Connect with your vision for a life of meaning and joy
♥ Stop doubting yourself and own your confidence
♥ Dissolve the blocks that are holding you back from embracing your passion
♥ Give yourself permission to listen to your heart & soul
♥ Find yourself waking up every morning looking forward to the day
♥ End the feelings of disconnection, overwhelm, and exhaustion
♥ Heal original traumas & no longer play the same painful scenarios over and over
♥ Give yourself permission shine your authenticity & create something new
♥ Release limiting beliefs that are keeping you away from the life you dream of

As you go through the process you will put an end to your emotional pain by learning tools to manage it while receiving my support, through coaching, mentoring, healing sessions, accessing the Akash, channeling and more all within a nurturing and safe space.

It is time for YOU to be unapologetic about accepting and embracing your heart’s calling to start using your gifts to serve others in a meaningful way.

Don’t forget all of this is to become the woman that creates a life based on YOUR uniqueness, your gifts with joy and passion.

Services for 6 Month Program

Coach and Client agree that the Services shall be provided on such dates and at such locations as the parties hereto in good faith mutually agree to and if Client must cancel or reschedule, Client must do so with a minimum of 48-hour notice.

A tab of 18 hours of coaching to be used as needed equivalent to three sessions per month of one hour

1 starting 60-minute coaching call (bonus)

1 30-minute end call (bonus)

Course Modules

E-mail – Messaging support in between session

Registration & Payment


Connect with Valerie for a Purpose Activation Clarity Call.

Working with Valerie was one of the best investments I made to up-level my life. Prior to working with her, I was stuck in a pattern of analysis paralysis and self-doubt.

With Valerie’s support, I was able to transform inner nudges into inspired action. Because of our work, I feel so much more empowered to express my gifts. Valerie’s very presence and belief in me gave me permission to live in alignment with my purpose.

She helped me shift out of self-imposed limitations to a life of possibilities. I found her way of blending practical tools and spiritual downloads to be most useful in our sessions. I’m so grateful that I took the leap, said ‘yes’ and allowed Valerie to be my ally.

Kate Drucker, Truckee, California

Birth and Postpartum Coach

First of all, I want to emphasize the deep and professional dedication of your work.


I have said it before and I repeat it now, I was pleasantly surprised by the focus of your work, since it is not a usual coaching approach, but much more and deeply healing in different aspects.

During our time together I was surprised several times, especially in the incredible online meetings via Zoom, in which the connection was as strong as if we would have been face to face in the same room.

The whole journey was a blend of energetic work and coaching creating as a result, a deep healing with very powerful encounter, each one of them, heightened by each meditation that you generously offered when the sessions called for it.

I have unforgettable moments from this journey thanks to the deep healing that happened at all levels of my being.

In my humble opinion, your incredible abilities are not properly promoted. I never imagined I would have received so much at so many levels throughout these 12 beautiful weekly sessions.

In addition, I always felt accompanied during the week by each module while integrating the energies generated in our online encounters.

In short, a very committed and deep professional work, which I have not enough words to thank you for! I highly recommend the coaching system in the unique style of Valerie Bottazzi.

Viviana Giambruni, Buenos Aires, Argentina