Open Your Heart to Cacao L1 by Shakti


… An Initiation Journey

Level I 

A 5-week long journey to become intimate with Cacao as Plant Medicine.

Cacao is a loving teacher. Its Spirit Keeper guides those that are ready to experience bliss while expanding their inner wisdom through Cacao’s profound shamanic journeying experience.


Open Your Heart to Cacao L1 by Shakti
Open Your Heart to Cacao L1 by Shakti

Cacao as plant medicine brings feelings of bliss, peace, leaving your doubts and burdens behind. Cacao will help you release stress and drop the burdens you carry from what’s holding you back. Its loving embrace creates space for you to gain awarenesses about what is keeping you from living your best-ever expression of yourself and supporting your letting go of what no longer serves you.

As a result of taking this 5-week Cacao course you will create a relationship with the Spirit of Cacao and you may experience:

🌀 Expand the Space of the Heart

🌀 Breakthroughs

🌀 Profound Wellbeing

🌀 Bliss

🌀 A heightening of your own frequency

🌀 Light Code Activations

🌀 Quantum Healing

🌀 Commune with Mother Earth

🌀 Co-create a NEW vision for yourself & humanity

🌀 Shamanic Journeys  

For over 7000 years the ancient civilizations are known to have used cacao for medicinal and ritualistic purposes. Its scientific name Theobroma cacao actually means “Food for the Gods” and it was believed to have been sent from the heavens as a gift to mankind.

Journeying with cacao pulls you into the present moment uplifting you beyond the mind’s controlling space so you can find solutions and creative ideas that are usually beyond your reach.

Open Your Heart to Cacao L1 by Shakti
Open Your Heart to Cacao L1 by Shakti
Open Your Heart to Cacao L1 by Shakti

Shakti Bottazzi channels Divine Beings of Light and has journeyed with Cacao through the teachings of Andean Shamans and Native American Medicine Men and Women.

She brings her own activation as a messenger of the beautiful teachings and medicine of Cacao as a transmission that you will receive by simply sitting in circle.

This course STARTS JANUARY 14th, 2023 and lasts 5 weeks

Every week the circle will hold a clear intention for expanding our relationship with the Spirit Keeper of Cacao

Week 1: Foundations

You will learn the basics of Cacao, its benefits, why is it ceremonial? What’s the difference between Cacao and cocoa. How to prepare it and why?

First encounter with Cacao’s Spirit even if you cannot prepare a cup of cacao.

Week 2: Deep Dive to Meet the Ancient Keeper of Cacao

Meeting the Spirit Keeper of Cacao. Feeling and experiencing through shamanic journeying and Cacao as plant medicine.

Week 3: Microdosing

What is microdosing and how do we apply it to Cacao as plant medicine? You will be Going Deeper with Cacao as you journey to receive direct healing and an expansion of your ability to love yourself.

Week 4: Deep love & Healing

Meet the archetypes of Cacao and their unique medicine. Mama Cacao, Tata Cacao and the Spirit Keeper of Cacao.

Week 5: Integration, Closing & Going Forward

A shamanic journey of wholeness and integration. This last circle gathering will allow you to anchor what you’ve learned and experienced and give you closure. 


During this course, Shakti will be sharing with you her experience of more than 40 years in the shamanic and healing path together with her knowledge of the medicine of cacao

Shakti Bottazzi

Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher, Medicine Woman

Shakti Bottazzi is a modern-day medicine woman. She is a cosmic citizen carrying many different transmissions within while also a citizen of Argentina, Italy and the United States.

Born and raised in Argentina she took her first steps into her spiritual path seeking answers during her late teenage years learning meditation and energy healing from Andean and Jesuit traditions. Later on she studied with Masters from Japan, China and India including more than a decade of Buddhism. She has had direct transmission from Curanderos from Central America and received medicine from the Navajo tradition.

Shakti started channeling ascended beings of light in 2012 and receiving direct teachings and guidance that she has incorporated to her vast repertoire of tools creating her own methods for healing and teaching. Successful in her own right she is a 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar with more than 30 years in the corporate world.

Shakti brings together her multifaceted multicultural life expression guiding people into their becoming. Those who work with her expand their gifts, learn to trust their intuition, and become deeply connected to their own soul’s work leading a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity. Look for her at

Praise for Shakti

Debbie P Missouri
Shakti was and is a blessing in my life! She is an amazing medium, healer, coach and an incredible, compassionate non-judgmental person. She is REAL. She helped me heal many of my past issues in a short time. I know that the journey never ends but I definitely feel more powerful and blessed since we’ve worked together. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering doing it.

Missouri, USA

Working with Shakti was one of the best investments I made to up-level my life. Prior to working with her, I was stuck in a pattern of analysis paralysis and self-doubt. With Shakti’s support, I was able to transform inner nudges into inspired action.  Because of our work, I feel so much more empowered to express my gifts. I’m so grateful that I took the leap, said ‘yes’, and allowed Shakti to be my ally.
Kate Drucker Testimonial
Diomira Rose Testimonial

Profound, emotionally extraordinary, exalted compassion! This is how I would attempt to convey a session with Shakti – which I had decided to do because I was at a threshold moment in my life.Not only was Shakti extraordinary in her ability to hone into my family lines and specific energies that were present, but her space-holding was anchored in safety and palpable love.

The healing that occurred – indeed, and is still occurring – touched the deepest places of my soul, and I could feel it caressing the lineage lines across time and space as it worked to repair ruptures and wounds. Thank you so much for this sublime experience!

Diomira Rose D’Agostino

Keeper of New Avalon

United States

Claudia Nunia

Business Advisor & Astrologer


In just 6 sessions with Shakti, I managed to guide me as I “healed” from the trauma of abuse that had happened in my childhood. As a result of working with Shakti I was able to resolve conflicts and close relationships that were unhealthy for me including leaving a job where I was unhappy. Working with Shakti was a deeply transformative experience that helped me in my continued unfolding and spiritual path.
Claudia Nunia Testimonial

Allow the Cacao Spirit Keeper to guide you…

Into the depths of your inner wisdom!