Shakti Bottazzi Shamanic Coach Intuitive Healer Spiritual Teacher
Shakti Bottazzi Shamanic Coach Intuitive Healer Spiritual Teacher

Will you join us in our living room?

*** Virtual Online ***

I am so giddy to share some really fun powerful news that pertains to my home, my travels, and also this potent time that we’re living, which is the Lion’s Gate, a New Galactic Year and more! I’ll also be giving you an inside peek at a soul calling to travel to Egypt. 𓂀

I invite you to have a conversation as if we were able to connect from my living room to yours! I want you to come into my virtual living room and sit down with me leaping through time and space, regardless of where we each are at this time geographically present.

Here’s the thing, my friend Meghan Gilroy and I, will be having a conversation. She and I are soul sisters and friends, women in this path of the New Earth. This way, she can help me by holding space and pacing all the things I have to share! 

In the Living Room

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a chat in our living room!

When? Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

Time? 1pm PST/4pm EST/10pm CET

Where? Sign up to get all the details! It’s free!


Bring your cuppa and sit down with us!


Meghan Gilroy Intuitive Healer Nahual Woman