2021 Planning Calendar
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Now you can align your life with the Earth’s cycles energetic influences.

It’s time to “allow” rather than “resist”, the forces at play becoming intentional in living your life.


 I’ve created this energetic forecast to support you as you make life choices from an informed and empowered standpoint.

All you need to do it download this Energetic Influence Planning Calendar for 2021 to get the information you need so you can align your life and business with the energetic flows at play at any given time.

⌛️ Imagine the RELIEF you’ll get from knowing ahead of time what the natural cycles will bring so they don’t take you by surprise!

⏳ This planning calendar will allow to to co-create with powerful manifesting ability by knowing while you are planning what energies will be available to SUPPORT you as you expand your life and business.


Make the most of the ripple effects of integration and healing riding these planetary influences with wisdom.

Know when and how to align times of “doing” with times of being with the rhythms of the cosmos.

Be empowered as you journey to the cosmos with the 2021 Energy Influences Planning Calendar

Allow Earth’s Cycles to guide you as you strategically plan your life and business!

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Healer

She is a best-selling author, 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Fulbright Scholar.

A happy survivor of over 30 years in the corporate world, Valerie has experienced firsthand the emptiness that living out of alignment with purpose can bring.

As a certified coach, she teaches her clients how to make the same journey she has: that of quieting the analytical mind so that the inner wisdom can blossom. The women who work with her become deeply connected to their own soul’s work and lead a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity.

Valerie uses all she has learned in transforming from a General Manager to Medicine Woman to teach life-changing, transformational workshops live and online. Her step-by-step processes empower women to enhance their lives with meaning by saying “yes!” to their spiritual gifts.

A remarkable blend of Argentinean, Italian and American cultures, Valerie is an honest, deeply transparent, heart-centered, courageous, and colorful woman. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to exotic places with her husband and sons.

With this empowering tool now is YOUR time to make 2021 the year for your most wonderful manifestation!


Profound, emotionally extraordinary, exalted compassion! This is how I would attempt to convey a session with Valerie – which I had decided to because I was at a threshold moment in my life.

Not only was Valerie extraordinary in her ability to hone into my family lines and specific energies that were present, but her space-holding was anchored in safety and palpable love.

The healing that occurred – indeed, and is still occurring – touched the deepest places of my soul, and I could feel it caressing the lineage lines across time and space as it worked to repair ruptures and wounds. Thank you so much for this sublime experience!

Diomira Rose D'Agostino

Keeper Of New Avalon

Valerie is highly intuitive & provides loving space for deep healing work.

She is able to dive deep into an issue to resolve the core of the problem which is very transformative and powerful.

I had the privilege to be coached by her and guided through a powerful process where I felt safe, love and healed an important piece of my family dynamics which has transformed my relationship with my family, money and business, ever since!

I would recommend to work with Valerie without hesitation!

Elies Hadi

Elies Hadi International

Valerie’s personal touch, intuition and skills, and her warm heart have been a blessing in my journey.

She helped me gain clarity on my goals and helped me with specific steps and procedures. She also worked with me as a healer to help me let go of deep painful limiting beliefs.

I am so thankful that serendipity put her in my path. She has guided me through a profound transformation, that has impacted all aspects of my life.

Elisabetta Addabbo


Download now the 2021 Energy Influences Planning Calendar and make this year an epic one for your life and business!