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Connect with  your TRUE FEMININE WISDOM with 10 soulful practices

Incorporate these powerful yet simple tips into your life and welcome yourself into a deeper layer of knowingness.

I invite you to get back in touch with your inner KNOWING and to CONNECT with your FEMININE ESSENCE.  

Connecting with your sacred feminine essence is about mindful living.

Get your copy today and learn easy-to-apply strategies that will take you a long way!

The words in this book will motivate you to welcome time for your self-love and nourishment in the most yummy easy and fun ways.

A journey of self-discovery requires a state of curiosity and wonder, that this book will activate in you.

Embrace your soulful transformational journey by sitting down with “10 Tips for Mindful Living” seeding your inner sanctum of self-love and watch it bloom! 

Shakti Bottazzi Shamanic Coach Intuitive Healer Spiritual Teacher
10 Tips for Mindful Living by Shakti Bottazzi

These golden tips with support you to:

~ Activate your Inner Wisdom

~ Tap into an infinite supply of radiant love

~Allow your fierceness to show up

~ Up-level your vibration 

~ Create a life of meaning and joy doing what you love! 

Shakti Bottazzi
Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Coach & Healer

Shakti uses all she has learned in transforming from a General Manager to Medicine Woman to teach life-changing, transformational workshops live and online. Her step-by-step processes empower women to enhance their lives with meaning by saying “yes!” to their spiritual gifts.

A remarkable blend of Argentinean, Italian and American cultures, Shakti is a cosmic force,  open heart, fierce woman living her souls purpose by supporting others in living theirs.

A happy survivor of over 30 years in the corporate world, Shakti has experienced firsthand the emptiness that living out of alignment with purpose can bring.

As a certified coach, she teaches her clients how to make the same journey she has: that of quieting the analytical mind so that the inner wisdom can blossom. 

Those who work with her become deeply connected to their own soul’s work and lead a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity.

She is a best-selling author, 3-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to exotic places with her husband and sons.

10 Tips for Mindful Living by Shakti Bottazzi
I want to connect with my Sacred Feminine Essence

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